Guide to Meteor Showers in 2011 – List of 2011 Meteor Showers

Meteor showers are an easy thing for most people to see and a great way to experience the events our universe has to offer.

Here’s a list of meteor showers that will be taking place in 2011. This list is geared towards visibility in the USA.

The moon can seriously affect meteor visibility so we’ve listed when the moon will cause problems for you.

If you’re wondering what the best meteor shower to view is – plan on watching the Perseids in August. They usually have the most meteors and are easy to see.

Name Date of Peak Moon
Name: Quadrantids
Peak: night of January 3
Moon: New

Name: Lyrids
Peak Night: night of April 21
Moon: Rises after midnight

Name: Eta Aquarids
Peak Night: night of May 5
Moon: Sets in early evening

Name: Perseids
Peak Night: night of August 13
Moon: Full

Name: Draconids
Peak Night: night of October 8
Moon: Sets around midnight

Name: Orionids
Peak Night: night of October 21
Moon: Rises after midnight

Name: Leonids
Peak Night: night of November 17
Moon: Rises around midnight

Name: Geminids
Peak Night: night of December 13
Moon: Just past full

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