Video: NASA – Tour of the Moon

Although the moon has remained largely unchanged during human history, our understanding of it and how it has evolved over time has evolved dramatically. Thanks to new measurements, we have new and unprecedented views of its surface, along with new insight into how it and other rocky planets in our solar system came to look the way they do. See some of the sights and learn more about the moon here!

Sketches of Werner Von Braun Moon Suits Published on Web

This is pretty cool – a look at a future that never was. The folks over at Paleo-Future (an excellent blog worth checking out) have scanned some images from Von Braun’s book on the moon.

Here’s an example:

See the rest here.

Remastered and Restored Footage of the Moon Landing Released

Footage from Apollo 11 has been restored and remastered following years of work to restore the original video. Scientists have released clips from the digitally remastered film of the Apollo 11 moon landing, which has taken them 6 years to complete.

Here’s a sampling: