Video: NASA – Tour of the Moon

Although the moon has remained largely unchanged during human history, our understanding of it and how it has evolved over time has evolved dramatically. Thanks to new measurements, we have new and unprecedented views of its surface, along with new insight into how it and other rocky planets in our solar system came to look the way they do. See some of the sights and learn more about the moon here!



“Audacity to Dream!” Made its Global Premier at TEDxISU .

We live in an age where many claim that there is an end to dreaming.

Here is a reminder that our dreams can take us beyond the skies, into the heavens!


Virgin Galactic Unveils new Unmanned Satellite Launcher at Farnborough 2012

LauncherOne – Furthering the Space Frontier. Virgin Galactic is proud to announce LauncherOne, a revolutionary new launch vehicle dedicated to enabling dramatically more people and users to benefit from space.


Humor: The Phenomenauts “I’m With Neil”

I’m with Neil!


Space Porn: Night Skies

T-RECS – Night Skies from T-Recs (Timelapse Recordings) on Vimeo.


Stunning Video – This is Our Planet

This is Our Planet from Tomislav Safundžić on Vimeo.

Check out a great resource for Maps Online.


Video: Mars One – Big Brother in space?

Mars One is a company aiming to send astronauts on a one-way mission to space – in history’s biggest reality TV series. Report by Sam Datta-Paulin.


Challenges of Getting to Mars: Curiosity’s Seven Minutes of Terror

Team members share the challenges of Curiosity’s final minutes to landing on the surface of Mars.


Video: SpaceX Testing: Merlin 1D Engine Firing

SpaceX’s Merlin 1D engine has achieved a full mission duration firing and multiple restarts at target thrust and specific impulse (Isp). The engine firing was for 185 seconds with 147,000 pounds of thrust, the full duration and power required for a Falcon 9 rocket launch. The tests took place at SpaceX’s rocket development facility in McGregor, Texas. The Merlin 1D builds on the proven technology of the Merlin engines used on the first three flights of Falcon 9, including the recent historic mission to the International Space Station.

Visit: for more information on SpaceX, Dragon, Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy, reusable rockets, grasshopper, Mars, upcoming rocket launch, or Elon Musk.

Elon Musk on the Business Case for Mars

Elon Musk of SpaceX recently spoke at a symposium on space travel and outlined his vision for the colonization of Mars.

I think he’s right on the money.