Cool Kid’s Mom is an Astronaut – New York Times Profile

The New York Times has profiled a young boy named Jamey Simpson, who’s mother happens to be an astronaut who just lifted off to the ISS for a 5 month mission.

From the article:

Jamey offered these thoughts from the Fishbowl, a glass-sided room that faces rows of technicians and screens showing the view from the Soyuz space capsule. If he has a complaint, it is the waiting. “When they say, ‘O.K., in about four hours something’s going to happen,’ and then, when it finally happens, it’s like, one little tiny thing,” he said. The view from the Soyuz showed the space station emerging out of the darkness. It was the size of a Volkswagen, then a Winnebago, then an apartment block. After takeoff last Wednesday, Ms. Coleman and her crew mates — Paolo Nespoli, an Italian, and Dmitri Kondratyev, the Russian commander — wore braces to keep their legs from breaking in case of violent impact with the ground. Outside the capsule, the temperature ranged from minus 148 (in the shade) to 302 (in the sun.)

For Jamey, his mother’s training has meant long and difficult separations. He barely got a chance talk to her the four days he was in Baikonur, he said, because the crew was kept in isolation to avoid exposure to infection. Jamey hugged his mother once or twice, quickly, behind a tree. When the Soyuz achieved orbit, the grown-ups were so relieved that they proposed a toast; Jamey, allotted a thimbleful of whiskey, required emergency treatment with candy. He described his feelings as “sort of disappointed and a little excited and happy and kind of sad.”

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