Crazy Idea of the Week: Send Astronauts on a One Way Trip To Mars

Home Sweet Home?

This idea has been making the rounds and I’m mentioning it because it’s rather interesting. We space nuts are getting a little impatient with the progress of a Mission to Mars – by far the biggest acheivement Humanity has avoided – so here’s a radical idea.

Send a crew of astronauts on a one way trip.

Not to explore and come back – but to found a settlement.

It harkens back to the age of European colonization of the Americas – where people left their homes forever to make a go at it in the new world.

Many are suggesting that we should settle mars the same way.

We’re not suggesting sending them on their way and leaving them to die. No, they’d send back regular reports and we’d send back regular supplies and shipments of more people.

Within a few years, Mars would have a viable settlement and growing humanity’s reach into the stars.

From io9’s take on the idea:

Then there are the particular details of their plan, which would certainly make terrific science fiction even if their mission never becomes science fact. They place the first Martian colony next to a big ice cave, which would provide a perfect mix of shielding from radiation and abundant stores of water and oxygen. They also suggest the first colonists should be somewhat older, perhaps around 60. They say this on the basis that the radiation exposure will shorten lifespan and damage reproductive organs, so it’s better to send people who won’t be affected by either of those problems. This does raise the question of just how this will become a permanent, ongoing Martian colony though.

Read more about it here.

What do you think – should we send people on a one way trip to Mars to kickstart inter-solar colonization? Let us know in the comments.

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