New Zealand Space Company Gets Lucrative Space Contract

According to TVNZ, Rocket Lab – a company based in New Zealand – has secured a contract with NASA to commercialize its space technologies.

From the article:

New Zealand space company Rocket Lab has secured a deal which will see its rocket technologies commercialised in the United States.

Rocket Lab said it had signed a deal with L2 Aerospace, a company focused on developing innovative flight systems, technologies and solutions for the commercial, civilian and military markets.

The deal comes a year on from the company’s launch of a rocket toward space from Great Mercury Island, off the Coromandel Peninsula.

Rocket Lab chief executive Peter Beck said it was an exciting time for the company.

“I have had the opportunity to see some remarkable operations, people and hardware and at the end of the day whether it be a giant corporation or a small company on the other side of the world, we are all trying to solve the same engineering problems,” he said.

“However, our way of solving the problems are unburdened by regular convention, historic methods or bureaucracy, so our solutions tend to be quite different and that is what really excited the US space industry”.

Many congrats to them. Read the details of the deal here.

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