Report: FAA Seeking Regulations for Space Travel

According to Gadling – the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) is look for consultation on putting together regulations for the burgeoning space travel industry.

From Gadling Post:

The Federal Aviation Authority announced its intention to set standards for commercial space travel with the recent creation of the Center of Excellence for Commercial Space Transportation. Based at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, the new center will build a brand new bureaucracy around the barely-there industry of space travel, starting with safety measures for potential passengers and licensing requirements for commercial astronaut-pilots.

Physical training and medical checks will become likely pre-requisites for tourists before traveling into space. Also, that little safety video you all have memorized might last a few days longer than you’re used to, (though they’re likely to keep that one part about how “items may have shifted during flight”).

Currently, Virgin Galactic is the largest commercial space operator, selling tickets to “space” for $200,000 a pop. Unlike most airlines these days, that price includes your luggage.


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